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'91 190e 2.3 201 Head Gasket Replacement

Hi all,

My dad has a 91 190e 2.3 (~70k mi) with a leaking head gasket (oil in coolant) and I want to replace it for him. I've searched the forum, but I still have some questions that I hope you experts can help me with.
I don't have a manual and don't wan to buy the shop manual, can I just buy the Hayes one for 190 '84-'88. Same engine, right?

Do I need any special tools?
Will I need new bolts/nuts for the intake, exhaust and head? What is the chances of me getting all them off without ruining 1? all?
Should I replace anything else while there? Chain tensioner? guide?
Should I replace the coolant hoses?
Any tricks I need to know?
Thanks for your help in advance.

Pete K.
'90 Corrado
'91 190e 2.3
'97 230
'98 A4 2.8q
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