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Re: Yes, but what's with the different colours?

Originally posted by Greg in Oz

I was interested in the pic you posted. In Oz, our MB brake fluid comes in that same metal container. Our MB coolant comes in a much more glamorous container than yours though! Maybe that explains why ours seems more expensive (about $50 AUD for 5 litres last time I purchased some). I still don't understand why MB sells us this nice looking blue stuff (that has bittering agents so you don't mistake it for some fancy cocktail!) and you get yellow stuff. Does it have bittering agents too, or would nobody try to drink it because it looks like pee?

Well, I certainly am jealous that we get the plain white bottle with black lettering. Although I am still suspicous that you aussies pee blue! hehehe!

OK, being more serious, I bet the "bittering agents" are there so that if the antifreeze spills or is left open, then pets (such as dogs or cats) won't be attracted to it. I've read stories of dogs being attracted to spilled antifreeze because of its sweet taste and getting ill after drinking it.

PS - I don't think I will take a taste of the yellow stuff we have here, let's just assume there are bittering agents inside.
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