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Originally posted by Bud
Just to add a point or two.

The coolant lubricates the water pump. Changing it is so cheap and easy that it's something I do every year.

In the future you might want to compare dealer prices with various Web based parts suppliers or with Caliber Moters (1-800-252-6877) Caliber Motors is a MB dealer in California which sells parts at a good discount (for a dealer).
How long does it take you to change the coolant? I think I will stick with every 3 years. Or maybe, I'll do it every 2 years (at the same time I change the brake fluid).

I guess I'm just "new fashioned" and I don't believe in changing stuff too often (I changed the oil in my 1990 accord every 20k miles with mobil 1 and it was just fine when I sold it at 190k miles). Or maybe I'm just lazy, who knows...

As far as prices, I checked the web and I believe $8.50 out the door at my delaer for the coolant is a great deal, but I'm not one to penny pinch, I generally just buy from wherever is closest/easiest. But I'll check caliber motors from now on as a point of reference. Thanks for the tip!
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