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new spring pads, to lower... thoughts?!

i have searched the archives.

i've purchased some new spring pads, in an attempt to drop my 300e a little.

in checking my car i was surprised to find 4 bump pads in front and 3 bump in the rear.

i have purchased 2 bump for front and 2 & 1 bump for the rear.

i have 205/65/15 michelin sports on my car. last fall i replaced the shocks and struts with bilstein h.d.

my car is still up a little in the back end, it's not bad.

my plan is 2 in front and 1 in rear. what do you guys think?

the dealer is treating me pretty fair at 2 to 2.5 hours labor.

also should i have the front end alignment done to 'sportline specs'?

my wheels are standard 6.5 wide.

to anyone who has done this-- will i notice any diff?

since i'm not going very low, do you all think i'll start going thru tires quicker?


*92 400e 124.034, SOLD

*92 300e 124.030, SOLD
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