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can I flush the gas tank while it is in the car?

My 85 230 quit running, I just installed a new fuel pump, it fired right up several times but when I came back 10 minutes later I got the same thing as was happening before. It cranks like a champ, but absolutely no hint of firing, and no smell of gas at the exhaust pipe. I assume that my original pump, and now this one are fouled or clogged by gunk from the tank.
Soooo, it is easy enough just drain out the tank, but will that take all or enough gunk out with it (the tank is full, the last thing I did before I had the problem was fill it up. ) ? will it be enough or is there more that i can do with the tank still in the car? If the tank has to come out how do I do it and then what? thanks, Andy
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