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Originally Posted by BiodieselMB View Post
Now when I do the job I ream out the hole and use Liqui Moly LM 508 Anti-Seize Compound on the threads so that this never happens again. And always use Beru glow plugs. Many more years of service life.
The problem of stuck glow plugs has absolutely nothing to do with the threads of the plug seizing in the aluminum head. The problem is the seal between the combustion chamber and the tip of the glow plug fails and over time carbon packs up into the cylindrical channel from the sealing point up to the threads.

Reaming is an important step since the reamer will remove crap from the sealing surface in the head and give you a much better chance of having the new plug seal correctly.

There are quite a few aftermarket broken glow plug removal tools on e-bay, recently I removed a broke glowplug on an OM648 with one of the kits and it worked well. You have to be careful and go slowly but a broken glow plug can be drilled out and removed pretty easily with one of these kits.
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