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Here is what I did on a cold engine:

Text from the video:
"A dangerous trick to try and prevent glow plug issues during removal.

First lightly tap the plug with air hammer. Then ever so gently work the glowplug back and fourth with a little tapping between movements. After a couple cycles of this very slowly back out the plug. In this application only the tip of the plug extends into the prechamber. The point of entry to the prechamber collects carbon which seizes the tip in place. If plug removal with tip seized in place is attempted it can break off of the threaded plug body and create a large, not very fun project.

Don't punch a hole in your head!"

I got the idea from the Duramax tool, as seen in action here:

Be sure to ream out the carbon every time you have a plug removed, that is critical for glow plug life and performance.
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