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You're from a very nice part of CA. Went there a few years ago and visited a local winery. Loved the wine learned how to taste it.

Duck Muck,

It all depends on the country you are taking it to. For example, some countries have import taxes as high as the value of the car , to encourage buying domestic. I don't think that autos coming in the US are that harsh as the more competition, the lower the price, the better the quality, etc., the better the capitalism.

From my understanding, Canada and a lot of out other good allies around the world, although are proponenets of the free enterprise system, are not as tax or (nontax) friendly as to the US. That is one of the reasons why so many countries import to the US (The US does not hammer them as much as other countries)

As far as the import penalty, I am ignorant on that matter. I do know that you are going to have to pay your State tax when you register it and probably Customs something when it crosses the border (maybe based on the value).

Somebody needs to call US Customs.
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