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The bolts securing the engine mounts to the body are now able to be removed.

The old mounts are on the left, and the new ones are on the right. That is the flattest mount I've ever seen! The center was actually touching the body of the car, and the engine mounting arm was resting on the metal edge.

We also got the heat shields from The Diseasel. The right side heat shield from my roommate's car was cracked from the mounting arm crushing it against the collapsed mount, so it was much needed. The left side one was pretty good. The left side one from The Diseasel looked like it was in good condition, but might have gotten crushed by the head during shipping. If that's the only damage that happened, I'll take it. So, I ended up using the original left side one, but it was covered with a thick layer of hardened waste vegetable oil that I had to burn off with a torch. Then I painted them.

The left side mounting arm was missing a bolt, so I found one in my spare hardware stash. Unfortunately, I discovered that the original bolt had sheared off and was still inside the hole.

The mounts and heat shields are installed! One day we'll replace the engine shocks. The new mounts made a huge difference. The engine used to be so loud and the body would vibrate. Now it is so smooth and quiet, and it also solved the problem of the engine nearly stalling after being revved up and let go. Apparently running a diesel engine with bad mounts can actually break crankshafts and main bearings from the shock force.
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