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The underside of the engine was filthy from the front crank seal leak. I cleaned it up because so I wouldn't have to keep fighting grime every time I worked under there. Unfortunately, there is a lot of hardened waste vegetable oil all over that won't seem to come off, and will be haunting my dreams. The J-B Weld oil pan repair is still holding up after over two years of daily commuting.

There was some rust-through on the crossmember that needed addressing.

The steering system needs a full rebuild; the steering box is leaking, and the ball joints are bad.

The subframe mounts are falling apart.

Both of the boots of the center link are torn open and full of water. One of the boots of the right side tie rod is ripped off.

We're hoping he can get by on these parts for another year because it's going to cost a lot of money to replace them--and he's already spent a lot on emergency repairs.
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