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Originally Posted by christuna View Post
all 350 diesel w126 had a 3 piece driveshaft.

while you have the driveshaft out check your U-joints for easy rotation and lube the splines before torquing back everything to a factory torque specs (at least one of the splines has to be moving while driving)
The driveshaft was replaced with a new one not long ago, so it should pass the test. I'd like to get new flex discs on it soon, though.

Originally Posted by christuna View Post
Good idea also judging by the crossover pipe you have an ASD diff.

May require a special fluid and is a nice option in snowy climate (not so much in AZ unless in flagstaff)
Yeah, this car has ASD. I've already rebuilt the tandem power steering pump which runs it, and used the proper fluid and bleeding procedure. I think the sphere is bad, because it makes a hissing noise every few seconds and the ASD light is always on. But, it's likely the valve body might need a rebuild. Like they say, it's just more stuff to go wrong.
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