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Aux fan not coming on, relays look good, what to check next?

Hello everybody.
94 E420
I noticed that the air coming out the the ducts was getting warm, once I stopped at a red light for more than a minute. Once moving again, the air was nice and cold again (cold enough to give me an "ice cream headache". So, I figured I need to check if the fans are running. ... Nope. Then I checked the fuses....All of them are good. Then I took of the relay cover, and eyeballed relays B and C. They looked good too (including the fuses. I even took the relays apart...they still looked good.
Now I have come to the end of my rope.
I did notice that the fans would come on once the engine temp. was way up there (around the 100 mark)...but that doesn't help me any when they turn back off.

What should I check next?

(on a somewhat related note... Once I pulled off the relay cover, the largest module there (it has a 126xxx part#) had a hole on the top of it... as if someone had pushed on it, and broke the plastic. Is it imperative that I cover this hole? and if so, with what? electrical tape? JB weld?) thanks!

thanks for any help,

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