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Originally Posted by vwnate1 View Post
O.K., back to the O.P. :

There's one right near you, why not go buy it ? .

If there's any holes punched in it, take it directly to the local indie muffler shop in your Barrio and have the Mexican guy there weld it up ~ he'll have the knowledge and practice to do it plus it shouldn't be over $35 ~ $50 .

Any W123 fuel tank will suit, the 300D's are slightly larger than the 240D's are but bolt right in .

If there's any rust left on the inside vent tubes it's because you didn't use the correct chemical or you rushed the job .

Don't make this molehill into a mountain .

Keeping an eye on the clear plastic intake sc reen is nice but fine rust silt particles will go right through it and grind your injection pump up plus clog up the injector nozzles .

Fine rust particles have a nasty habit of passing through filters and pumps then joining hands when they get to some part of the fuel delivery system when they'll cause the most mischief .

Your call here .

Lastly, Harbor Freight sells rare earth magnets that are disc shaped and easy to place inside the filler cap and on the nose of the drain plugs for the engine, final drive and so on, they're easy to clean the collected SWARF off of and will scare you the first time you see the accumulated SWARF .
Silly me, that pristine CDT arrived on the yard November 5th. It must’ve been stripped in a hurry cuzzin it was gone completely when I got there cousin. The tank probably going to the shredder (sad trombone).

I think you’re right, I rushed the procedure a bit. On the other hand I got it roadworthy the day before yesterday by putting in the new oil cooler lines, drove yesterday 550 miles to Eugene, stayed at an Airbnb, having breakfast now. The primary filter as clean as can be, well, a couple of tiny bits.

Performed pretty well all in all but something in the turbo needs help. After that, the front end is not ideal. Took me about five or six or seven cranking attempts to get it started in this 25° weather.
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