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'92 300te 4matic

I recently acquired a 1992 300te 4matic from my uncle, he was the 3rd owner and had it for about 5years but havent driven it much over the last two since he purchased a new E320 wagon.
My car has 172k miles on it.
my questions are:

1. difficulty starting when cold and rough idling until it warms up.
it easily takes 4 to 6 tries to start and then it will sound very weak with no power until it warms up.

2. the 4matic light in the dash came on recently. What does this mean? the car still drives well. Also how can I turn off the 4matic system,I live in cali andmost likely wont need the system.

3. the radio panel was flashing "code", so i wnet to the dealer and got the code. The sales guy at the dealer punch in the code but now the radio still doesnt work. The antena goes up when you turn on radio but the radio panel is blank and the radio doesnt work.
Any help is deeply appreciated.
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