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In my quest to get more power from my '90 M103 I think I have found one limiting factor. I would like to add a vortech supercharger to the engine. It seems that engines that use a mass airflow system to calculate the fuel metering are easy to modify. If you add more air they add more fuel within the limits of the injectors. I am not sure which system is on my truck, Bosch LH maybe. How does this system work? Does it use a speed density system with a computer map, reading the various sensors, throttle position, temp, rpm etc. to determine fueling from a programmed set of variables? I would guess that this type would be very difficult to program for more airflow. I know my 944T uses a vane (barn door) type sensor to measure incoming air. I do not see this on my M103. Any clarification of the workings of this system and any know ways to alter it would be appreciated.

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