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You would you be MORE visible if your turn signals were wired as running lights instead of only being on when you use your signal. In fact, for max visiblity one should wire the side marker to be on as a running light. My W124 had side markers installed by P/O and are wired the "Mercedes" way. Though I think the side markers are a great looking mod, I do regret loosing my "running" lights. The "city" lights are BARELY visible - they are WAY less visible than having just the turn signals lit up. OK, I'm done ranting -

Anyhow - cool looking mod mod - IMHO would be good to take one step further and get bulbs that appear clear but flash yellow. Does anyone know if you can get just the lense? I'd like to switch my yellows for clears to match my soon to be installed Hella clear corners.
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