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abe g - just wondering how you've come to your conclusion about leather quality? I have a 92 Q45 {102K) and a 92 400e (62K) - our Q45's drivers seat is really worn out! The leather is starting to rip. Part of the reason why I decided to try W124 is that I saw so many high mileage examples (120K+) that had "new" looking interiors. Japanese manufactures sure now how to make cars that mechanically last, I guess they cut corners on cometic durability. That being said the paint on the Q45 does appear to be MUCH higher quality and much more lustorus than the 400e.

I did take a ride in a W210 recently and that leather (as well as all of the interior materials) DOES suck - well at least for that price point - I felt as if I were ridding in a 97 Honda Accord! WTF?!?!
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