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Another point of interest concerning the high pressure a/c high side al...

The only way to accurately diagnose this sw is with gauge reading/spec. chart comparision..
Many DIYers jump the sw and see the fan come on, so they go ahead and replace the sw.
They then recharge the sytem with the proper amount of charge and everthing seems to work, justifying the sw replacement ..

In reality , they have simply gotten the low freon level back to spec. with the re-charge and the sw change-out was not needed.. the old sw would have reacted the same as new once the freon charge was up to spec for fan operation...

Kinda like the loose belt/need alternator gig...

Relaced alt and everthing working well again..musta' needed it ..

Nope, the belt got tightened back to spec when you put the new alt on... you had a loose belt...

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