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Hi Ali,

I noticed that when I removed the Pagids. By appearance and feel, they seemed no different than the Metal Masters. I suppose the actual metal content is higer, and/or the type of metal differs(?)

The key difference I have observed with the Metal Masters is the more solid feel through the pedal when braking, which creates the illusion that the pedal cannot be depressed any further. Apply a bit more pressure and they really bite. I believe that lack of adequate compensating pressure accounts for many anecdotal reports of fade. It would be interesting to see laboratory data on brake pad performance, which takes compensating factors for pad hardness/composition into account.

I don't expect overall performance to be any better than the OEM's. So far I have not noticed any difference at all, except when wet. I washed my car earlier, really soaping and soaking the wheels as I always do (except this time it will not be in vain. ) This has always dimished brake performance with the Pagids until the rotors dried, but the Metal Masters apparently ignored the soap and water and the brakes performed very well.

Then again, I have only had them on for a day, so it will be a while before I can speak with any degree of authority on this.
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