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I have a question about the starter system on the 300TD (123 chasis). This is my moms car and it was built in 1983.
Here is the problem:
when the ignition is turned to the starter-engage position the starter does not crank. Not even a sound is heard from around the engine, no clicking, nothing. The only way to get it to turn is to either to keep turning the ignition on and off, or to wiggle the shifter back and forth over the P or N position.
My father thinks its the starter or the transmission switch. I think they are O.K. and that there is a seperate solenoid that is busted. The reason I think that is because the lights on the dash dim slightly as the ignition is turned to the start position, as if a solenoid is engaging or trying to engage but can not. Also I looked at a spare starter we have and there is only a battery supply cable on the starter and no solenoid engage wire.
Is there a seperate solenoid on these cars? Do they go bad? Where is it located?
Any help greatly apreciated.
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