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I don't know what your thoughts are on a 5.0L Euro motor (126) swap into a 1988 190e 2.3 are but it is being done here. I only paid $1000 for the shell and the motor was cheap too. Brabus did this conversion in 1984 but they won't give me any info, claiming they can't come up with it. I'd like to know some thoughts on the suspension and rear differential. Several cuts and some "pounding out" has been done. I've fabbed the sway bar in front to compensate for the big oil pan and the exhaust manifolds are being changed to 4.5 manifolds (center exit) or may be fabbed as well. Transmission has obviously been changed as well. I've seen a 560 motor bored to 6.0L fit into a 190e so this project is possible.
Steering box has also ben a minor problem too so suggestions on that would be much appreciated too. I have easy access to the means and cost hasn't been in issue at all. The car won't cost me more than $3500 when all is said and done.

Thank you for any suggestions whatsoever-
Mike V.
1983 500SEC Euro
1988 190E 5.0L
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