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More Brake Pad/Rotor Issues

I have read several postings regarding brake pads. I have a 98 E 320 with 54K miles on it. My wifes drives about 8 miles each way to work and I just put new pads on it. I too was frustrated at the brake dust produced by the stock pads, especially since going 8 miles from garage to garage means that she can wash the car and go as much a two weeks without needing another wash, with the exception of the brake dust. I decided to buy Green Stuff Kevlar pads by EBC, at a cost of nearly $100. I was then hit by the squealing bug. Since I was brought up never to put new pads on old rotors, I suspected that they were just not bedded in real well, so I removed them and block sanded the pads to give them a chance to bed in again. Problem solved......until a few hundred miles later, when the squealing has come back. Now I am also getting some feedback through the wheel as though the rotors are running out. I read in a thread that some soft pads can leave residue that acts like rotor runout. Am I just fighting bad pads and should I just go with the stock pads and a new set of rotors?
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