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FWIW, I use a 'California Duster' on my wheels every couple of days - the small sized one that is sold for cleaning the dashboard. It takes about 30-60 seconds per wheel, removes the black crud before it bakes on, and eliminates the problem for me with the stock pads (it also shines up the wheel nicely: The pointed end of the 'duster' is especially useful for the wheel holes and around the wheel rim). The duster lasts about 5-6 months before it is pitch black, and it can be washed once or twice before needing replacement.

After I wash and dry the car on the weekend, I spray and wipe the wheels with Mequiar's Final Detail, which shines up the wheels and seems to make them a bit more slippery. The dust doesn't seem to stick to the wheels as much after the spray. This takes another 1-2 minutes per wheel. And I wax the wheels when I wax the car, about once every 5-6 months. All told about 10-15 minutes per week is devoted to wheel care with this system, on a car that avgs about 250 miles per week of stop-and-go commuting.

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