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Thank you for prompting me to adjust the pot.

I installed the housing with the air meter out of the car, so did not have the problem with the fuel pressure regluator. I tightened up the housing and am trying to adjust only by turning the tiny brass screw on the side of the housing. I am using a 2mm jewlers screwdriver; wish I had something longer. Even after unbolting the wiring harness tray, it is a pain to get at.

I did have some unexpected results in attempting to adjust. I say attempting because I am not sure if I have adjusted it or not.

I removed the connector, wrapped two pieces of wire around pins 1 and 2, and reinstalled the connector. I clipped my multimeter to the two pieces of wire.

Voltage ranged from about 1v at startup to around .25v at operating temp. I did not attempt to adjust until operating temp. When I did try to adjust, it seemed that turning the screw on the pot had no effect on the voltage. Maybe I did not turn it enough. I was expecting a couple of turns to make a visable change on the multimeter.

I turned off the car and checked the voltage with switch on engine off. (pins 1 & 2)
It sat at .075v. I turned the screw clockwise maybe a turn to .080v, then turned the car back on, and voltage was around .62v. Once again, turning the screw seemed to have no effect with the car running. I turned the car back off and turned the screw clockwise many turns until it was at .2v key on, engine off. Turned the engine on and voltage is still +- .62v.
Clockwise seems to increase the voltage with key on engine off, but I thought I would post and ask about your results before I turned the screw many more turns in an attemt to get running idle to .75 volts.

The .62v is within spec, but my idle is now pretty close to 1000rpm.

I will also check the voltage between pins 1 & 3 next time. The CD says lists 'start' as the operating condition for this test. The other couple of times this requirement is listed it seems to indicate immediately after the car is started. Does this sound right?
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