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It is my guess that there are a number of electronics people here. At least there are a number of computer people here.

I have recently been involved with a CAN repair on a ML. It comes after a couple seminars heavy with CAN discussion. My case and all the training says I don't need to know what it is saying establishing the network is mostly a multimeter task.

But I wish to see and possibly identify which controller is talking by his signature bit. I'm sure it is not being done to fix cars but who knows what techniques can be developed till one has all the tools to view.

I posed the question on a tech site over the weekend and it will be seen by some real geniouses, but I'm sure the answer is not to a automotive question so I thought I would ask it here.

I am going to try to post a scope pattern that I took from a properly functioning CAN on an early ML. The scope I am using is state of the art automotive but I am at the lowest time frame 20us. I want to stop that pattern till I can see all the digets and then I want to scroll through enough that I could do something and hope to capture a response.

One of the excellent replies I got was to approach the problem differently and I was directed to a site that I could get a CAN reader, some sort of developmental device.

I got this idea while brousing Tektronics Sales sites. I found I didn't know what I needed but I did find a company that rents these expensive scopes by the month. So I am thinking of doing a project. Anyway here is the pattern I wish to expand on:
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