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Question Noisy Exhaust (Muffler)?

Just a quick question from a newbie - I've owned my 1990 230CE (4cyl 2.3 petrol engine) for about a year now and she has just achieved 60k Miles (with a full MB History). I have had no real problems but I am experiencing an unpleasant rattling/rasping when the car is driving under any load/acceleration. I have had the timing chain and tensioner replaced and my local Merc specialist suggested that the cause of this was the exhaust system, (specifically where the the two downpipes blend into one)... so anyway I had that junction replaced and... you guessed it - no improvement. It sounds to me like noise from the valve-train(?). I've had two oil changes and am using the highest octane petrol I can get (no cat on this one). Anyone have any ideas? - do they all sound like this or should I look elsewhere? Many thanks for any assistance. BTW, you can only hear this with the window open:-)

Robin 230CE
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