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Originally Posted by funola View Post
Here's the wiring diag you're looking for

P 120 you can see the gauge cluster power is not fused. You can do a quick test with the key on, short pin 1 and 2 on the sender connector to pin 3 (ground). The low fuel light should illuminate and the gauge should rise. If not, short pins 1 and 2 to a chassis sheet metal ground..... if it works, the ground wire on the connector is bad. If the chassis ground does not help. Check power at pin 6 ? on C151 (circular connector) on the cluster as well as the grounds.
Funola, do you have a manual showing where the ground is on for 1985 300D?
I noticed that this diagram for a 1982 300D is grounded at G103, but where would that ground location be?
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