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idle surging

After adjusting the potentiometer my car is now keeping the idle correctly till it warms up to 60 degrees C . After that the idle is surging every 3-4 seconds from 800 rpm to 1200 rpm. It seems like somebody is sitting inside the car and pushing gas every 3-4 seconds.
I have removed my car's idle valve to take a look and clean it but didn't understand how it works. The shops around here don't sell a carb cleaner but they have an injector cleaner that you add to the gasoline.
My question are as follows:
Can I use an injector cleaner for cleaning the idle valve?
When there is no current applied to the idle valve does it stay open or closed?
What should happen when I apply 12volts to the valve and what does an adjustment screw on the side of the valve do for the valve?
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