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Originally posted by suginami

I just received the most recent edition of The Star Magazine. It is the official magazine of the Mercedes-Benz Club of America.

In the Technical Tips section, compiled by Stu Ritter, there is a short paragraph on coolant:

"In 1999 the factory began using two kinds of engine coolant anti-freeze. The original is tinted yellowish, and the new one is tinted bluish. Both are compatible with each other."

Both the yellow and the blue coolant are available in the U.S.
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Well, now we know... I wonder if the dealer carries both the yellow and the blue, and depending on what year your car is, gives you either the yellow or the blue. So, since my benz is a 1998, maybe the parts department gave me the yellow. Perhaps if I had a 2002 and I asked for coolant they would give me the blue...

It seems as if blue is the superior (or if not, at least it's newer) coolant...
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