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Spring pad height differnce on W124

Hi all,

If someone could respond to my email address on this, I would appreciate it.

I am at a shop and am having a set of Eibach springs and Bilstein shocks/struts installed in my 95 E300D. I am a track instructor on the west coast and am doing this for improved handling and do not want to the car to have its ride height set so low that it looks "dumped". The factory spring pads are 2 bump f/r and I have a set of 4 bump f/r pads which I ordered for this swap. The shop owner, however, is advising me to stay with the 2 bump pads. The Eibach springs are supposed to lower the car 1.3" and he tells me that, in his experience, it should be "about right".

My question is, all things being equal, how much ride height difference is there between the different spring pads. Or, more specifically, how much between a 2 bump and 4 bump pads.

Again, I'm in need of the info pretty quickly, so if you can respond to my email address at , I would appreciate it.


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