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Eric, I decided to use the Axxis Metal Masters when I changed out my rotors at 66,350miles. I choose the Metal Masters since I live in the hills/mountains of WV and wanted to try a performance pad. I'm very satisfied with these pads, they have less dust (than OE) and it is easy to wash off, wear is great (30 thousand miles to date), rotors look good, and I've experience no noise. Some drivers may not like these pads due to the pedal feel, as Axxis states the operating friction, it is a harder pad, which translates into more pedal force, see Eric Axxis cleanliness pad is the Original Deluxe, but there’s not a significant difference when compared to the Metal Masters. I believe most MB drivers may prefer the Axxis Original Deluxe pad, because of the brake pedal feel, however I will use the Metal Masters again, a great pad, good choice Eric.
enjoy your drive, timreid
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