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Sorry for the delay in answering your question. I'm in Europe and find it very challenging to connect in Hotel rooms.

The experience I have with the valve seals involve records of the problem and the repair before I purchased my car. The records consisted of every receipt for every repair ever performed.

I do know that the oil usage went from a quart in hundreds of miles to virtually NO oil usage. I questioned this and found that there indeed was a SEVERE problem with the M103 engine.

It's hard to imagine a leaky gasket contributing that much to oil consumption. An oil leak so bad that it caused a quart of oil loss in a few hundred miles would probably absolutely paint the entire engine compartment and smoke while it was doing it.

The valve seals cost less than $10 from Mercedesshop parts shop and are replaced with a few hours labor. I would consider doing this before more major repairs unless the engine compartment has a nice solid coat of engine oil.

Good luck,

Larry Bible
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