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help with my 72 350sl starting

hello folks

note: this is a 72 so it has the electrical fuel injection no fuel distributor.

i got a problem with the 350sl. tried starting it up but nothing. it turns over just fine. ran just fine last time it was moved. plenty of battery. plugs are fine.

i've checked the voltage and resistance of the coil it was at the top limit of resistance so i replaced it. every thing from the cap to the plug is almost new and the plug wires are new bosch.

the fuel pressure is where i can not give an actual psi. i can say however there is no 50 psi. it flows but no where near 50 psi.

i've even sprayed starting fluid down the throat but not even a cough.

this is what i do know. the secondary voltage is way down. ground a plug and turn it over the color is yellow at best. now this is strange. the plug does not actually jump from the center electrode to the tang. it arcs sideways to the base of the tang. in fact you don't really see the arc very well because it is going sideways. i attached a bmp for you to see. i know that sounds crazy but that is exactly what is happening.

as for the trigger points i don't know yet. i had to come to work to get my longer metric allen keys so i could pull the distributor to address the points.

one last thing is for all the turning over i was doing there never was a wet plug pulled out.

i guess it boils down to the poor plug arc and maybe the trigger points are not releasing fuel. i'm sure the gas flow is sufficient to start and run the car. i only move the car in and out of the garage so i can get to other stuff and that's all it's run about 6 times in the last 2 years.

can anybody shed some light on the plug arc thing i've got going. i've never seen an arc so poor and going sideways.

help i'm stuck and i can't get it out of the garage.
Thanks Much!

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