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Hello all,
I've got an '89 300E and my wife drives a '92 190-E 2.3. We bought her car (used) and I told myself that when I bought a Benz, I would have to buy a 300 because her car was too small (inside) for me. My hair was brushing the headliner which I didn't care for.

Then 6 months ago I found (and decided I could afford) a cherry '89 300E. I bought it but lo and behold, my hair still brushes the headliner!!! I'm only 6-feet tall... My electric seats are adjusted down as far as they will go (seat bottom) with a tilt toward the rear in the hip area.

Is there an adjustment that I can make that will allow my seats to be lower in order to increase headroom? Do the mounting brackets have multiple holes in them in order to raise / lower the seat on the adjusting motors?

Thanks in advance for everyone's help on the list.

Jay Yambrovich
1989 300 E
1992 190-E 2.3
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