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About 7000km ago I put some metallic aftermarket pads on my c280 with new factory rotors. I apologize for forgetting the brand but they came highly recommended by a local performance shop. The verdict? They are without question the worst junk I have ever had on any car I have ever owned. My new rotors are warped to the point where I must replace them very soon. The pedal effort is WAY up over stock to the point of being frightening in some situations. I broke them in properly (I am no slouch when it comes to working on a vehicle and knowing how to deal with things like this). The original ones lasted over 160,000km with no problems. The new ones require warming before they will do anything at all, they fade badly when too hot, and the slightest whiff of moisture in the air will cause horrendous grinding for the first couple of stops after sitting for more than an hour as the rust or whatever has formed instantaneously on the pads wears off (the rotors are not the culprits here). I have owned Fiat, Alfa, BMW and Maserati among others and this is my second Benz. None of my previous vehicles ever felt this bad when braking, nor did this car before these pads. The best brakes I have ever felt bar none were the Stillen rotors with Mintex pads I had on my last Benz. I think I will call Bekkers this week and get some sent up. Boy was I disappointed with these whizbang pads the lowered Honda crowd recommended.
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