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I was at the Dealership today (I would rather be at the dentist!) since I needed a Cap, Rotor and Plugs for my 84 280CE.

As I stood waiting for the parts guy to look up the cap, I could hear a service adviser giving an owner the bad news about needing a new wiring harness, $800 "their price" I think he was meaning wholesale, plus labour. I didn't hear what year or model, but I stood their thinking about all the times I have seen this issue here.

My question is, why hasn't there been a secret warranty, recall or even class action law suit over this issue?.

Anyway, they could not locate the part # for a cap?, kept bringing up the rotor # instead, so the guy had to make a call. I don't know why, but they don't seem to work at the counter at the dealer here, I think it's just for show (actually a MB boutique really) since they go into a back room to do stuff. I don't like that, I want to know who he's talking too, and what he's asking. Well finally he came back with a Cap and Rotor. 'That will be $99.00 for the cap and $20 for the rotor! oh and we are out of plugs!" WTF is that all about.

I conveyed my displeasure at this development, especially the price, so he says 'Here I give you a MB shopping bag for your parts", yeah like I'm impressed. How can a dealership who has been voted (by who I wonder?) best dealer 5 years in a row, give such consistent bad service. At least they don't get my repair business anymore.
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