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Thumbs down Sealed Trans etc. on 98 E320

I'm new to MB after 16 years of Turbo Volvos. I would have stuck with Volvos, no complaints, but couldn't find the right car after my 93 945T was totaled by an individual yapping on the phone while driving an SUV. Anyway, I found and bought what seems to be a nice 98 E320 Wagon (50K miles) and am pretty impressed with it so far. The first thing I want to do is change all the fluids just for my own personal satisfaction. What's up with this "Factory Sealed Transmission"? Is there a way to change the fluid? Is their a filter? This seems like a crock to me. I'll admit I'm a bit of a nut about fluid changes, but I am uncomfortable with the same filthy red stuff forever in my transmission. This is the just the beginning of my many questions about MBs. Thanks in advance.

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