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I'm not sure which "New C" you are refrencing but the 97-2000 version of the C class has the following bulbs in the HID config. The city light is a W5W, the fog light is an H1 and the High beam is H1. My setup right now is OEM Fogs, Bluevision in the City Light that machtes better with the HID, and Vision Plus in the High Beams.

The city light was replaced only because it gave the HID light a yellow tinge which I found displeasing. The fog light was left alone, because I havent had the need to use fogs, and the Vision Plus was used for the 50% more light that will be useful in circumstances when high beams are used. As for getting the city bulbs out, the socket snaps in, there are actually grips for grasping it with two fingers. Pull hard enough, it will snap out.
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