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I'll be the wheels smell nice too.

In the same vein, here is a little something on brake squeal I pulled form a BMW forum when I was doing my research. Interesting, particularly the insult to Mercedes Owners:


After using the CRC reddish orange brake goo, I found I still had brake squeal with new rotors and the metal masters brake pads. Upon examination the goo was on the pads correctly.

There is a product called "The Silencer" for curing brake pad squeal on the market. It is a large spray can, costs about $18.00 and is meant to be sprayed onto the rotors and brake pads. It's an aluminum oxide type of material that fills in the surface of the rotor and pads to make for a more complete grip.

At first the car felt like I had put grease on the rotors but after a week or so of driving the 'feel' became very nice, better than the Pagid's and with half the dust and NO SQUEAL at all, none, nada, kaput! No matter what situation I was in, the eerie sound of silence. No more scared looks from Ford Pinto owners in their rear view mirror, or upturned noses from those drug infested MBZ owners, no siree bob.

Jim Bob says 5+ stars for The Silencer, it's worth every penny.


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