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yeah I wonder if in the time it took you to get the little tube out and crawl under the car represented enough time for some oil to drain from the engine. Having changed oil once or twice it always amazes me how long it takes for the engine to quit drippin through the drain plug. The only folks who can majically do this quickly are the folks at jiffysquid, who either leave a whole lot in there or can really get everything to come out in under two minutes. I never could. I bet if you waited till the drain plug stopped dripping, put the plug back in went in had a cup of joe and came back out you'd still have an ounce or two come out when you backed the plug out. I'd be frieghtened of low end viscosity type issues if this were not the case. Anyway nifty little doohicky there.

1985 190e 2.3
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