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Arrow 560 drive axle replacements

I have traced the slop in my drivetrain to the rear axles at the wheel, the passenger side notably worse than the driver side.

The car has 190,000 mi. on and runs incredibly strong and the slop in the drivetrain looks to be the result of normal wear and tear of the hard-driving city person.

What I need to know is if the example of price and manufacturer of the axles listed below includes the necessary gaskets and lubricant that I would need to replace the axles. As a large sedan I conceded it is going to be more of a job than replacing the axles in my 1967 912 Porsche. Nevertheless it does appear to be a straightforward job and I do have a Chilton's manual and also that appears I should replace the fuel filter while I'm back there so are there any words of advice from the experts?

What lubricant weight and brand is recommended for the differential in my 1987 560 SEL?

Miles Mulloy

States Only Product Brand List Price Core Qty
Axle Assembly
In Stock ACEI $765.00 131.60 $60.00
Axle Assembly
In Stock Lobro $765.00 346.37
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