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I'm unforunately at work until 9:00PM ET. So I can't get you guys a look at it until then. My dad should be home with the memory stick then and i can take a picture also. I washed the car 2 days ago, and then put it in the garage and hadn't touched it until today. When i moved it to wax it, there was fresh tranny fluid probably about spreading 2 feet long and a foot wide leading to my drain. It was still fresh and leaking. When i moved it, in about an hour and a half i'd say there was a spot about the size of a quarter that leaked in that hour and a half.

If i were to gestimate right now where it was leaking. It would be somewhere right under the shifter in the car. I wouldn't be surprised if the idiots at the dealership broke or cracked another line like they did with my brake line, but we won't get in to that. Because they had replaced the tranny rotors on the car last time it was there.

But i'm not THAT familiar with transmissions. I learn day by day and problem by problem I'll get some pics around 9pm EST tonight for you guys. Thanks for the responses and the help so far.
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