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Installing updated W124 corners question

Hey everyone,

Hate to bring up a topic that's been discussed a thousand
times over in various threads, but searching through all the previous
discussion on the topic only yielded confusion and a whole lot of
conflicting information.

I just ordered the Bosch clear/amber stripe corners to
update the look of my 92 300CE (going for the orange
striped version is just a matter of personal taste, I actually
prefer them to the completely clear corners - in case anyone
is wondering).

I'm a bit confused as to whether these particular corners
are supposed to look better by installing the amber lights
that come with it or by using clear bulbs instead. I won't
even get into the whole "painting the bulb silver" thing,
which, frankly, I never could get a handle on. Advise,

Also, I've seen talk that by updating the corners you only
get the signal and hazard light functions of the indicators,
and that you lose the parking lights due to different
connectors/connections. Is this true even for the Bosch
lights, or does this only apply to aftermarket products?

I appreciate your help, as always. Apologies for my woeful ignorance on
a subject that has been discussed at length previously.
1992 300CE
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