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Re: Installing updated W124 corners question


people use both clear and amber bulbs for indicators.
personal pref or state law usually decides it.

'technically' you car came with clear bulbs, right?
amber corners,but clear bulbs. i suppose one could make this point if stopped for them.
show the officer your owners manual...

i have and prefer clear bulbs [standard wal mart,k mart, napa, pep boys].
IMHO it is 'rice' and looks like 'dung' to have BLUE turn signal bulbs.
those WILL get you pulled over 'most' everywhere.

i have never been questioned about mine.

the authentic 'euro' look and standard is front indicators come on when using turn signals and emergency flashers.

i'm attaching a pic of this look.

the land rover freelander and some older [u.s.spec] discoverys are set up this way.

you would have to make this modification.

do you have euros?

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