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EricSilver, thanks for the extensive letter. Actually my brushes failed about a month ago and I had them replaced. My battery was getting weak from cranking the engine for about five minutes and I was scared that I was going to drain the battery so I hooked it up to another car just in case. None of the symptoms which you described happened and actually we have put about 500 miles on the car since sunday without any problems. We are scheduled for another heavy night of rain tonight and my wife will be driving the car about 90 miles tonight so I guess we'll see tomorrow what happens. I believe that moisture got into something electrical because as the engine temperature got to about 80-85 degrees things started returning to normal so I believe that moisture went away. I really appreciate your help and I'm ordering a coil just in case. I love that car so much and we're only about 4000 miles away from 300,000 miles which I can't wait to see.

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