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Own a 1986 300E. Car died on me last Saturday and hasn't started since. Noticed I didn't hear the fuel pump turn on when I turned the key, looked at the fuel pump relay, noticed a few prongs were burnt. Replaced the relay, still won't start. Only hear the fuel pump very slightly(can hardly hear it), put test light on the fuel pump,getting juice, pulled gas line from fuel pump and turned the key off and on, very little gas came out of the line. Any suggestions?? How can you tell if the fuel distributor is bad? Does this sound anything like a fuel distrib. problem? Changed the OVP Relay in MAY/JUNE 00 any chance that this piece could have gone bad this quick? Does this even sound like this could be the problem? I doubt it but you never know? If anyone knows which fuse controls the fuel pump in a '86 300E please let me know. I believe I changed almost all of them..

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