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Chapter 2 of Auto-RX and the tick-tick!

Well, the tick-tick is back!!!

As I was pondering how to tell the 'world' that Auto-RX didn't do anything different than the other products, I discovered that the tick-tick was on the LEFT side of the engine, NOT the right (as it has been). To see what happened last year, check this link to my page: Select MENU #19 to see one those bad 'critters'!

Upon closer examination, it definitely was on the LEFT side, so off came the valve cover. Guess what? One of the infamous oil tubes was open. That, of course, was the cause of the ticking lifter!!!

So Auto-RX's fame is still intact and the inside of my engine is absolutely clean. Should have taken some pics but was at my tech's shop. The mileage is about 400, so will leave it in a few more hundred miles before changing.
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