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Well for my 2 cents, I think its safe to say the Coca-Cola of nowadays won't clean much of anything and may just make a gooey mess. The old formulation of Coke contained citric acid. That was the ingredient that did the cleaning. It was great for cleaning battery cable terminals, ect.

As far as getting a good deep clean on your windshield, for me I use Purple Power RV/ boat wash concentrate mixed down with hot water. Purple Power is a great detergent for removing road film. A gallon costs $8 at Walmarts and it goes a long way. If you just want to clean the windshield you might want to keep it off the paintwork since it is not PH balanced and will strip any wax you've put on. I use it all the time to wash my vehicles when I want to re-wax. It's great and doesn't hurt the paint.

Once, the windshield is washed, I use a clay bar and bar lube to go over it. That does a great job removing any contaminates, bug tar, ect left behind. You can finish up using Rain-X or something similar. I've had good success using LiquidGlass. It's similar to Nu-Finish and really repels water. 303 protectant can be used to extend the life of your wiper blade/s.
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