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Hard to say at a distance. No benefit for the car to delaying the fix. I must say that I have only seen one event where delay caused serious damage. In that case the drive shaft came completely off the transmission (something I have seen more than once). In this particular case the car then continued to drive the shaft which banged around in the tunnel. This does some
expensive damage and is common. What wasn't so common was the fact that on the 300e the SRS crash profile sensor is mounted right above the transmission on the tunnel.

The drivers side airbag blew on him at 50mph. In this case no one was hurt, luckily. Since the cause in this case was a cheap (use it up) customer, the final repair was only moderately more than if it had been done in a timely fashion (he of course didn't fix the airbag system, which would have needed a new sensor and bag about 2 grand). The car just got a little more
"used up".

I don't think there is any immediate concern here. It should be checked out at least at the next service or if vibrations during driving increase.

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