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We would be about 20-25% cheaper than that but we are in the rural South. its a 23 hour job. We would use an aftermarket evap with a copper core and the early cars need a baffle added as the replacemnet evap is made differently. Doing the job with a MB evap would add $200 to the job.

The job is massive with every thing removed from the firewall to the rear seats. It may sound like a lot of money but numerous pieces of very valuable interior are subject to degradation from the job. Its real easy to have to buy a $600 piece of console wood say because pieces that should come apart, come apart the wrong way. (Ask me how I know).

Over the years we have scratched at least one dash while removing it; luckily your dash is only $1800 the 94 on models are over 4 grand and people who pay $2500 for one of these jobs easily will expect you to cough up four grand to repair a scratched or dented dash. Its your basic high risk job.

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